Two trends shaping Indian wedding industry


The Indian wedding industry is considered one of the major contributors and drivewheels to the country’s economy. Lately, there have been several trends reshaping this industry.

When we talk about the Indian wedding industry, the first image that comes to mind is a colourful extravaganza. The Indian wedding industry is currently estimated at around Rs 3.78 lakh crore, contributing heavily to the country’s economy at large. The industry size is expected to grow by 20-25% annually, which is really enviable for many other industries.

Over the last couple of years, the Indian wedding industry has evolved drastically, and couples have become more enterprising, conscious and selective. Marriage for the current generation is more like showcasing their identity, which is eventually giving birth to several new trends and, of course, churning out big fat lavish expenditure-laden weddings. As there has been a demographic shift in the decision-making process and the couples themselves helm around 90% of the wedding-related discussions, several eye-catching trends are settling in rather than good-old conventional weddings.

Here are two of such new trends taking over the Indian wedding industry.

Destination weddings

A destination wedding is not exactly a new concept in the Indian wedding industry, but lately, this trend has grown exponentially. People have been warming up to the concept of holding their weddings at luxury resorts and castles for a while now. If we look at domestic locations, which are very popular for destination weddings, Rajasthan has been at the top of the chart.

The land of kings and queens has become a hotspot for couples choosing various castles and royal resorts for their destination weddings in the state. Interestingly, with Covid, the concept of having extravagant weddings has spread to create more lasting experiences with loved ones. A destination wedding typically gives a chance to plan more touching events for the upcoming newlyweds.

Metaverse weddings

This is probably the most exciting trend that is taking over the Indian wedding industry. At a time when technology penetration in every sphere of life is pretty high, metaverse wedding is one of the newest trends in the Indian wedding industry, which comes with a very innovative style of celebration.

The users participating in these types of weddings can communicate with other users and a computer-generated environment in the metaverse, which is a virtual reality environment. With the Indian wedding industry set to grow by leaps and bounds, this new trend of metaverse weddings is expected to significantly contribute to this growth story.

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