Should we leave India to Omicron or even Covid?


Covid and Omicron crisis is undeniably real, but the far darker cloud around these are fabricated by the lucrative business community which later became a good cover for politicians pan-globe.

I love Covid! But a nation doesn’t need to!

The best thing I loved during the pandemic was that I could visit my mother, siblings and relatives almost every week as I did not have to travel out of India. Sitting at my home in Kochi was not that great watching all Covid channels and media discussions by political leaders on scientific subjects and virologists and epidemiologists on political subjects! It’s funny. Even WHO turned out to be a political tool for the pharma giants and the so-called philanthropists who invested largely in the vaccine business.

A month back, one of my brothers called me from my village asking me not to visit our village home for a few days as there is a viral fever to almost everyone at home including my mother aged 84 and almost bedridden. Almost 20 members of our extended families which include five small kids got this viral flu. As normal, they consulted a family physician in the neighbourhood and took some antibiotics. One of the girls at home was pregnant and had to consult her doctor for a routine check-up where she was tested for Covid too and was fortunate enough to turn positive on Covid!

Now you know, all the members might have been Covid infected only but nobody tested or had any health issues except a mild cold and fever. Last week I stayed in my village home where everyone was back to normal. This is Covid or Omicron, at least for me.

And during the last two years, I never sat idle at home and used to travel within India (by road), used to spend time with workers on our farm, worked in an office with my colleagues etc. Responsibly got vaccinated fully as one of the first, took home antidote Arsenic Album 30 every month (we all at home continue taking this even now), used to wear a mask and avoided going into the crowds. I have not officially contracted Covid yet but I am not responsible if I had an asymptomatic Covid!

In 2019, India had a total death of 99,26,000 (pre Covid era) which went up to 1,00,73,000 in 2020.

As the world is happily taking over the large cry from WHO on Omicron, I did a casual analysis of statistics of deaths in India and especially Kerala, my native State. In 2019, India had a total death of 99,26,000 (pre Covid era) which went up to 1,00,73,000 in 2020. We see an increase of 147,000 deaths which may be around a 1.5% increase due to Covid. The funny part is that since 2016, India’s death rate was steadily going up and no wonder in this increase.

Kerala statistics is funnier. In 2019 Kerala had 263,901 deaths and in 2020 it decreased to 234,536. Shouldn’t we praise Covid for this reduction? Above all, total Covid death in India as of today is just 478,000 which is a peanut percentage of the total natural death and still, India wants to keep Covid on hype so that the targets given by the pharma companies are met easily. India will regret seriously this big mistake.

Kerala contributed just around 10% of India’s Covid deaths.

I can’t go further without telling you something about my state. Kerala contributed just around 10% of India’s Covid deaths (Nowadays, Covid death as it is a fancy term as there is a monetary benefit if you die of Covid), Kerala is still showcased as the epicentre of Covid in India. This is lobbying for business reasons. The fact is that Kerala has some close to real data which is now turned into a menace to the State.

Even at the peak of the Covid surge, Kerala Health System never got overloaded or nobody died due to the lack of oxygen supplies. Even now Kerala tops on vaccination status with 97% eligible people got their first jab and 75% of the eligible population got their second jab too. So if you wish for a holiday in Kerala, don’t hesitate to come. Kerala has the best health systems in India and naturally a healthy and hygienic population as your hosts. All major destinations and tourism employees in particular are fully vaccinated.

India with such a huge population and density of population could manage around 60% of the adult population who got vaccinated fully in this short period. India has excess vaccine stock and the vaccination drive is going at in good pace. In spite of the presence of Omicron for the last one month, still, we have only 200 odd cases in India with absolutely no criticality. Should India be scared about Omicron or even Covid? The question is whether we trust our vaccines.

Omicron Covid

If the vaccines are proved ineffective, we should catch hold of the vaccine manufacturers who claimed 75-85% efficacy. They cant come out with the excuse of Omicron as it’s a common flu that doesn’t create any crisis. As per the latest studies in India, 80% of the Omicron cases are asymptomatic, 13% have only some mild symptoms and many have already recovered. What does this mean? Let India be bold enough to take the call and show the world that India is stronger than they think. This will be a good opportunity in the midst of the biggest crisis the world is facing.

Indian Government should realise that many of our businesses collapsed, millions lost their jobs and people are in distress. If we take Tourism & Hospitality in India, it’s a total collapse and the government has not brought any assistance yet. Even the latest loan announcement for the Ministry Of Tourism Accredited Tour Operators (exclusively designed for the 230 Accredited Operators pan India) is mere jargon as none of the accredited tour operators is eligible for the same as per the idiotic guidelines issued by the authorities.

Even the Tourism Minister is not aware of this and he is still boasting about this 250 Crore project. Even today the UK announced further economic assistance to all the suffering business sectors due to Omicron. India should at least allow people to find livelihood and should not block business opportunities in the name of Omicron.

India should not become a funny tool of the political or business games of agencies like WHO. It’s so funny to listen to the daily threats of WHO on Omicron and every statement ends on the booster dose. The Chairperson of the South African Medical Association, Dr Angelique Coetzee repeatedly states that all the Omicron cases are having only mild symptoms and many did not even take any treatment and absolutely no one had to take oxygen support. But WHO, even today, says, it’s so early to predict the behaviour of Omicron. We smell the business here. It’s quite natural that people rush to hospitals due to the fear created by these agencies which may overload their medical systems.

If WHO or these so-called experts (and the vaccine mafia) go on a holiday for a month without any media interaction, Covid will die its natural death across the globe. Otherwise, they should bring solid proof to establish Omicron as a dangerous variant of Covid. Or they should explain why the Nations allow all celebrations in connection with Christmas and New Year. Or why events like Dubai Expo, Soccer fests and Cricket series etc are taking place.

Do you mean only common people should suffer their lives and livelihood? The world leaders should keep in their mind that there are underdeveloped and developing countries across the globe with ordinary human beings who don’t have any kind of social security or even a guaranteed livelihood. Let us stop the business greed on this Covid. Let us live normal and let others find their livelihood.

I am not a scientist. But one thing I know. The entire Covid story is not rocket science. Most of it is fabricated by the lucrative business community which later became a good cover for politicians pan-globe.

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(George Scaria is the Managing Director of Keralavoyages India Pvt Ltd, a Travelife Certified Tour Operator.)

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.)


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