Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Charity begins at home: How to save extra on monthly utility bills ⭐


The hospitality industry is among the top when it comes to practising not-so-sustainable practices. What should be the practices to make the hospitality industry sustainable by saving utility bills?

Sustainability is a progression. And every effort you take daily to improve towards sustainability brings you money. This can be through your efforts towards the below goals.

  1. Refusal to unwanted spending or buying things
  2. Reduction in the usage
  3. Re-use possibilities and by avoiding single-use utilities
  4. Re-purposing things at all possibilities
  5. Recycle at its best

In Hospitality, I listen to many professionals comment on the impossibility of following the 5 Rs. Excuses will not make your organisation sustainable. The other way is to create islands of sustainability. Some brands or individual units proclaim their properties as sustainable ones. Unfortunately, half of such claims are greenwashing. And another half......


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