Charity begins at home: Achieving sustainability through visitor behaviour & visitor behaviour management ⭐


Sustainability is a key aspect of growth; be it a society or a business. The hospitality industry is one of the major contributors to the economy. Hence, sustainability should a key focus area in this segment.

A few months back, I was invited to a boutique luxury resort in a hill station in Kerala. I was supposed to help them to improve their sustainability and they wanted my suggestions. My passion for management was my first inspiration to visit the property. The resort is made at a location which was completely a rocky mountain a few years before. They filled up the entire area with soil and made a green forest now. I was amazed by the green vegetation they created out of nothing.

Their huge rainwater harvest system provides water for the entire operations of the resort. Nicely done landscaping to attract birds and butterflies. We had only very few suggestions for improvement as far as the ecosystem is concerned. But there were few corrections in the room amenities part. Some were correctible and some not because of the architecture and planning.

There is a saying that you can enter the heart of someone through their mouth! Food is the magic at hotels. At times, this can be the area......


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